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Project Duration:

September 2020 - December 2020

LaCoya Lashawn is an entrepreneur, executive recruiter, leader of a non-profit organization, and published author. With all of these amazing accomplishments, LaCoya really wanted to focus on developing her personal brand, and create a site that brought together all of her amazing work so that she can inspire and directly guide others wanting to become successful entrepreneurs. Before working on this project, LaCoya had some branding elements already, but wanted me to develop them further.



Adobe XD


Trello (project management)

The Team
La Coya
Marketing and Social Media
Branding and Website Design
Blue Timeline Cycle Presentation.png
Initial Branding Elements & Colors
Colors for my branding 1.jpeg
Name in brand color.png
Initials Photo.png
Black dress and name branded (1).PNG
Sprint 1

The first step I took on this project was trying to figure out what style and colors LaCoya wanted from this website. After looking into her original branding, and the branding of her recruiting agency “Mckinley and Co,” her non-profit “I Impact,” and even the cover art of her book “F the Fairytale” I pulled together four color options to choose from that fit under specific website styles.

Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 10.29.17 PM.png
Screen Shot 2020-09-21 at 10.29.39 PM.png
Colors for my branding 1.jpeg
Style Options
Potential Color Schemes & Fonts
Sprint 2

After the first sprint, LaCoya really loved the idea of having all of her professional accomplishments present in her personal brand. Therefore, she decided to move forward with the first color scheme option presented and added more blue tones. In addition, she knew she wanted her brand and website to have an elegant feel, so that is what I focused on when moving into developing logos for Sprint 2.

Sprint 3 

Although she loved the logos I created, LaCoya decided to move forward with her original logo and color scheme, but still wanted me to design a logo for her initials. Therefore I focused on developing those for Sprint 3, as well as updated layouts with the new color scheme.

Final logo &

color palette

Sprint 4-6

Once we understood branding and general layouts, the last three sprints were focused on building out the actual Wordpress site. I began with creating general layouts for all pages and then fully built each out one page at a time. After that, the final two sprints were focused on specific details, as well as updating the tagline in the logo from “Empowerment - Character - Excellence” to “Motivate - Connect - Empower.”

Chosen layout

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